Al-Bawarij Oil Services Company Ltd. was established in accordance with the provisions of the Iraqi commercial law.

Al-Bawarij company is a local Iraqi company working in the fields related to the oil, gas and electricity sector. The company aims to achieve an appropriate infrastructure that enables it to work in multiple fields.

The company has distinguished dealings and relations with several companies that manufacture equipment and spare parts used in the oil sector, as well as oil and gas service companies and electricity companies.

The company deals according to international standard specifications and certificates (API, ISO, DN, BS) and in addition we manage our business through inspections and quality control system, in order to ensure the provision of high quality services to all our customers and we always strive to satisfy the customer by providing technical solutions and satisfactory services Competitive prices. Our company works through a group of engineers and consultants from inside and outside Iraq who have a long history and varying experience in the oil, gas and electricity sector and have the ability to find a series of prior solutions to processing potential problems in this field.